Some words from our team
  • Merce
  • Petra
  • Emma
  • Carlos
  • Fabricio
  • Jonathan

Now that we have finished the Project I can see the great amount of work we have been doing over these last months, which I never would have thought we could achieve. Working in a team, in which half the members (Fabricio, Carlos and their coach Jonathan) are on the other side of the world has been a real challenge, but we have made it work and have all learnt from each other, leaving something within each of us forever.

In the beginning, it wasn't easy to get things going, and sometimes I thought that the easiest thing would be to give up. That way, I wouldn't have as many worries. But we kept going, and the satisfaction of finishing our project is immense. The Spanish part of the team (Petra and me, under Emma's supervision) has been mainly in charge of research and transcribing all the information. We have also done some activities to raise awareness with the younger students at our school, and I was happily surprised to see how interested they were about the topic of water shortage. We appeared on Radio H¡brido Zacapoaxtla (Mexico) and on Radio La Capullana (Per£), and we are scheduled to collaborate on Radio Solidaria on March 22nd.

During this time I have learnt that water is much more important than what we think, and it is essential for there to be a global awareness to be able to solve the problem of water shortage and pollution of this resource. I would like to thank the entire team for the incredible work we have achieved, and I would like as many people as possible to realize that water shortage is a big problem: if this project has served for someone to become aware and learn about this issue, I'm more than satisfied.

These last months we have worked with two boys that by now, along with their coach, have become our friends. With these three amazing people we have been able to make a small part of the population aware of the water shortage we are suffering worldwide. We have worked very hard to achieve our final project. On various occasions, I wanted to just give everything up and abandon [the project], but I had to keep going to finally achieve the great satisfaction of finishing our project on time.

The Spanish part of the team is comprised of Mercc, Emma (our coach) and me. We have been mainly tasked with research and transcription of the information. We've prepared a number of interviews, and have also been on the radio a couple of times (on Radio H¡brido Zacapoaxtla and Radio La Capullana). Thanks to this Project I have realized that water is a resource that might not always be there for us. That's why we mustn't waste it or pollute it with the "junk" that we all produce. I have become very aware of the fact that we mustn't waste water, and am now very careful every day when I have a shower, wash my hands, etc. In our high school, Emma (who is also a teacher there) made it possible for us to do some awareness activities with the younger students. Now and again, Mercc and I would go to their classroom and update them on how our project was going.

I would like to finish by saying that we must take care of our water. Until we don't have it, we won't realize how important it is in our lives.

Well, what can I say? When Jonathan offered to work with his students on this project, I was over the moon. I knew it would be an amazing experience to work with an international team, and highly enriching for my students. I have to admit that at times it was difficult, being unable to meet physically and having to work entirely on Facebook and through Skype, but we managed to overcome our problems.

I can proudly say that our students have achieved most of what they aimed for. They've learnt to organize and manage a project, prepare materials, research, and a number of other skills that will help them not just in their academic careers, but also in life. They kept going in the face of adversity, when faced with their school workload, life issues, and project complications, and became friends in the process, learning about each other's worlds. I can also say we've all learnt a lot about using the Internet, for this project, for the classroom and for our everyday lives, about web design, green screen video production, and more.

We've managed to create an international, collaborative project, not only because the team members are from Spain and Peru, but also, because we had people from many different places collaborating with us: Chile, England, Mexico, different parts of Spain, Africa, etc. In essence, I think our students have created a wonderful project about a very important world issue and have acted as great ambassadors for both countries. It's been a pleasure to work with all of them and with all the people who have helped us along the way. Alea Jacta Est.

For some months, I have been working with a very special team, composed by students from both Peru and Spain. We are working to raise awareness on a very important issue: water and how we use it. During the first months we started the project with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication, and organized and distributed the parts that each one should work on. I was in charge of web design.

As time went by, we started to lose our energy, and slowed down. But we didn't give up; we went on with the project thanks to the help of our teachers, who guided us along the way. We're working as hard as we can, with absolute dedication, so as to be able to reach our goal: raise awareness. Distance is not an issue. As long as we work together for the same cause, we can achieve great things.

Our efforts will have been worth it, whether we win or we don't, as I know that this project will be very useful to a lot of people.

      Sincerely yours,

I never thought that I would work on a collaborative project, especially with some people as special as Emma, Mercc and Petra (Spain) as well as Carlos and Jonathan (Peru). We have had our ups and downs throughout the project, but we were able to overcome all our problems and were able to achieve what we were aiming for: get our message across to a good amount of people, raising awareness about the importance of water management.

I want to thank our teacher guides, Emma and Jonathan, not only for giving us support during the most difficult moments of this Project, but also because they helped us develop as people even though we were separated by a great distance (in Emma's case). With all the effort we are putting into our project, I know we can get far. But no matter what the results are, we are not just satisfied with what we have done, but are also happy to take with us the awareness and knowledge about this great problem that's affecting many parts of the world.

      Sincerely yours,

Some months ago we started this project. At first the students didn't have a clear idea of the path they were going to take, as none of us knew much about this topic. Nevertheless, we have slowly learnt from each other.

At one point, we didn't want to go on, the Peruvian team lost motivation. The holidays were very tempting; some of us had other study plans, or just wanted to go and have fun, etc. I still remember what Carlos said to us, "It would be easy to just give everything up. Right now, it would be just perfect to have one less thing to do, but we must continue and fight for what we want." Those words were enough to get me going again, and to motivate the rest of the team. As time has gone by, I've felt full of energy and a great desire to continue working on this.

On the way I have met new friends: Petra, Mercc, and Emma, who have shared, from far away in the distance, their knowledge and willingness to win. Now, looking back, out of all of the activities, I think that the most important thing we have done is contribute a bit of knowledge, making many young people aware of the terrible water crisis we are facing. Many of us have had many obstacles along the way, but we went on anyway. May God illuminate this very important project.

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