Countries that suffer water shortages : Europe

Water is a valuable resource. The problems related to the lack of water, due to drought or water shortage, affect many regions of Europe and require a combination of actions taken on a European Union (EU) level. The need for action is heightened by the fact that lack of time or permanent water will tend to worsen as a result of climate change.

European water policy ambition is to address three challenges:

It is an absolute priority to ensure access to water for all: it is a vital resource. This goal is far from being achieved, even in Europe. The UNECE estimates that 120 million Europeans live in a household without tap water. The London Protocol on Water and Health of 17 June 1999 adopted in the framework of the UNECE, is the first international agreement adopted specifically to combat water-related diseases and improve access. Europeans are equally committed to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals aimed to "halve by 2015 the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water to basic sanitation

Institutions, European governments and some local authorities contribute to this work through development aid policies: in 2002 the Prodi Commission launched, on occasion of the Johannesburg Summit, the EU Water Initiative, which was sealed by a partnership agreement between the EU and Africa called 'water for Life ". The water service operators provide their expertise on their part to fully achieve these objectives.

Veolia, for example, concluded in April 2008 a partnership with the Grameen Bank of Professor Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize, to bring clean water to more than 500,000 people in the most disadvantaged regions of Bangladesh.

The second challenge is to regain the water quality. The European Union has adopted legislations on the subject: the Water Framework Directive of 2000 which aims to restore the good ecological status of waters by 2015.

The third challenge in the field of water policy is to resolve the tensions surrounding the availability of water in Europe.

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