The deep end

Welcome to 'the Deep End', a very important part of our project. We started doing our project with research, and analyzing and synthesizing the information we found. But soon we decided that we needed to go a step further: we wanted to create new material. So we managed to get in touch with some specialists in environmental issues, who accepted to give us some interviews. So there we were, getting information first hand.

Our teachers allowed us to involve some of our classmates: we did some sessions on water shortage, a comic day and picture day. They even collaborated in the creation of some videos to raise awareness. We were also on the radio (in Peru and Mexico), and we are scheduled to be on the radio in Spain on March 22.

We seemed to have really jump in the deep end, but that wasn't enough. Ideally, we would have liked to have travelled to all the countries that suffer from water shortage. As that was not possible (of course!) we contacted Quest Overseas, an organization that, amongst a lot of other projects, is working in Africa building sand damns. They were extremely helpful and sent us some videos of their work; some of the volunteers even told us their story.

One of the most exciting experiences we had was the I Conference on Water Shortage and Conservation in Sullana (Peru). The Spanish half of the team was also present, on video!

Basically in this section you can read all about the more active side of our work, our efforts to raise awareness in both our high schools, countries and beyond.

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