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 You can also read our blog, where the students documented the project's progress throughout its development, as well as the conferences, videos of the interviews, etc.


Content original, that was written by the students

  • All the sections inside the tab ‘Introduction’:

Water, the New Petrol

Our team


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  • Water Knowledge/Availability

See flash of Hydrologic Cycle

    • Aplication: César Ramirez Validiviezo (Student)
    • Sound: Mao Zeta (Student)
  • All the sections in ‘The Deep End’ are original, except for practical Waterworks’, which is based on other websites (also cited in the bibliography):


Questions and answers is the section of our interviews to specialists on this topic. The interviews were done in person, except for the interview to Francisco Calderón Córdova, which was done by Skype.

People interviewed:

Jorge Novoa:
Francisco Calderón Córdova:
Joana Vaquer:

The students interviewed more people but didn’t have time to translate all of the interviews. The information of everyone they interviewed is on the blog

Personal experiences

Quest Overseas were extremely helpful, and put us in touch through Facebook with some of the volunteers that had worked with them in Africa. We created this section based on our Facebook conversations with them.


Raising awareness:

Shows our students raising awareness in both our schools in Spain and Peru.


It also includes two presentations created by the students from material found on the Web, which were used in their ‘raising awareness sessions’, along with the videos sent by Quest Overseas.


  • Comics

Created by the students (both text and graphics)


The presentations on this page were done by students at our school, as part of the project. It was another way of raising awareness, involving other teachers and students.
* The photos used in these presentations may not be properly cited.

Content has come from other web sites

All the other sections are based on information extracted from other websites. The students read through these pages to gather information, then extracted and summarized the information, and, in some cases, added their opinion and then translated it if necessary.

World water crisis/Shortage

World water crisis/Countries with shortages/List of countries

World water crisis/Countries with shortages/Africa

Sierra Leone


Democratic Republic of Congo





World water crisis/Countries with shortages/Asia

World water crisis/Countries with shortages/America


World water crisis/Stress

World water crisis/Water Poverty Index

World water crisis/Water Poverty Index/ Haiti

World water crisis/Water Poverty Index/ Finlandia

Water Knowledge/Availability

Water Knowledge/Waste and Pollution
Waste and Pollution


Agricultural Sector, the largest consumer of water

Water Knowledge/ Water Management

Water Knowledge/ Water Care/ Citizens and Institutions

Water Knowledge/ Water Care/ Water Wonder

Water Knowledge/ Water Care/ Recommendations

(In this section only the text is based on an external source, the pictures were
      done by one of the students of the school Gianfranco Camino Navarro)

Water Knowledge/ Related Illnesses

Water Knowledge/ Virtual water

The deep end/ Practical waterworks

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Original images/photos

Can see the bibliographic reference of the original photos in: Original Photos bibliography

These pictures were done specifically for this project, and when you click on them, they are cited. Most of them have been created by the students –or students in our schools–, to raise awareness. Only two were created by two professional illustrators, who were contacted by the students. water_the_new_petrol/pictures.html

Our videos (created by the students):

Our Team - Water, the new petrol (Door to Diplomacy)

Water, the New Petrol and Questoverseas part II final small

Water, the New Petrol and Questoverseas part 1 final med!

Raising awareness (IES Manacor) - Presenting our project

Fabricio in action: raising awareness

Video about water shortage

Slider: La escaces del Agua en el mundo actual – Shortage in the world today.

Conference: water shortage and conservation

Kerli raising awareness

Raising awareness

Alvaro Our Classmate talks about water

Water Shortage - Radio Capullana Sullana Perú

Radio Zaca DÍA MUNDIAL DEL AGUA – World Water Shortage Day

World Water Day 2011: Did you know?

water gfdffd


The videos about Quest Overseas in Africa which we use in some of our own  videos were sent by the directors of Quest Overseas, Simon Tierney and Jonathan Cassidy for use in our project.

You may contact them on the following emails:,

Or on the contact section of their website:

External sources from Images/Photos

Can see the bibliographic reference of the photos from other sources in: External Photos bibliography

External sources (videos):

The Future of Water

A Look into the Future: Year 2035


Save Water

Water Scarcity

Water Crisis

Water Conservation Video

Save our Water

Gap Year Quest Overseas WaterRelief Sand Dam Construction!

The Coming Global Water Crisis

Water Changes Everything.!

Nika Water " The Water Crisis"

Water Crisis

How to solve global water crisis: Innovation, Green Technology. Water, Utilities, Energy Keynote

Water Crisis in Uttar Pradesh, India!

Africa Water Crisis!

World Water Crisis PSA

Tapped PSA - World Water Crisis

Earth in Crisis!

World Water Crisis: Potential Effects Cumulative Effects!

Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Water Pollution Documentary!

water pollution final!

Water pollution

Water Pollution: Saving the water

Water Pollution (animation)

Human Water Pollution | Biology | Ecology

Water pollution


Help Stop Water Pollution!

Stop Water Pollution

Water Pollution

How to Prevent Water Pollution

Water Pollution Blues by BigGreenTV

Water Pollution

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