Agricultural sector, the largest consumer of water

Agriculture plays an important role in water consumption because it is the sector that has the most consumption of this resource with 65%, followed by industry (25%), and finally domestic, commercial and urban services (10%).

The main problem is that, besides the fact that the area used has multiplied in a few years time, there is no efficient irrigation system, so a lot of water is wasted. This means that as time goes by more and more land is needed, but many areas will have less drinking water. The consequences of the massive extraction of underground water are:

  • Exhaustion due to excessive extraction.

  • Flooding and salinization that don't allow cultivation.

  • Pollution caused by intensive agricultural activities.

These results affect developing countries because they can lead to a food crisis in the future. For this problem to be solved there should be some sort of organization to try to stop it and improve irrigation systems, because it could save huge amounts of water and it could prevent such worrying water shortages.

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